Strengthen Your Marriage With the Marriage Covenant


Marriage Covenant

On your wedding day, you made a covenant with your spouse in front of many witnesses and God.

If you’re like most people, the entire day felt like a blur because there was so much going on and you had so much on your mind. Think back to your wedding vows that you made with your spouse.

That time just before the end of the ceremony where the person officiating your wedding asks you to recite the wedding vows.

When it comes to your turn to hear all the wedding vows and then reply “I do”.

Many people remember the entire day but sometimes forget the vows they made that day to their spouse.

Today, let’s make another vow.

This vow is a covenant from today forward to live intentionally in the meaning and purpose of marriage as created by God. This marriage covenant is between you, your spouse, and God. Read through the section that applies to you & sign your name at the bottom.

If you want to download the physical version of this marriage covenant you can do so below.

Here you will be able to download and print out a marriage covenant that you will be able to frame and place on a wall in your house.

It will be a daily reminder to yourself and others who see it that you made a covenant with your spouse to live into a lasting marriage with each other.


Marriage was created to be a blessing for you and your spouse!

It is absolutely possible for you to have a lasting marriage. One that blesses you, your spouse, your children, and everyone around you.

Since marriage was created to be a lifelong commitment, it is designed to get better and more enjoyable the longer you are married.

As you and your spouse delight in each other, your love will build and strengthen over time. If you desire to have a lasting marriage, you and your spouse can learn how to build into it a lasting love that nourishes each of your souls.

With the principles and teachings in Lasting Ministry, you and your spouse will begin to bless each other through service, love, actions, deeds, submission, and holiness.

Marriage does not have to be routine, bland, or unenjoyable.

It can, and should be fulfilling, exciting, pleasurable, and a blessing. Your marriage can be one of those success stories you hear about, where you are more deeply in love with each other on your 50th wedding anniversary than you were on your 1st. Imagine you and your spouse having a 50th wedding anniversary, celebrating all the years of being together.

All your friends, family, and loved ones are there celebrating with you for your successful marriage. Everyone will be asking you “What is your secret to a lasting marriage?”

As you read through this site, you will come to understand exactly how to answer that question.

In this site, we are going to learn God’s meaning and purpose for marriage. God created marriage so that you and your spouse can have marriage filled with love, joy, blessings, and faithfulness.

We will walk, step-by-step through actionable items for you and your spouse to begin strengthening your marriage. You will learn how husbands and wives are equal in standing with God and how He gave husbands and wives different roles to play in the marriage.

These roles were specifically designed by God for us to live and fulfill in our own marriages.


“God created marriage. No government subcommittee envisioned it. No social organization developed it. Marriage was conceived and born in the mind of God.”

~ Max Lucado

Your marriage cannot be fixed in a week.

It will take time to build these key principles into your marriage.

It may be that your marriage is currently struggling to stay together. You may be going through tough times right now and have little to no love for your spouse.

The truth is, marriage is hard work. It takes intentionality, perseverance, and direction to make it work.

Even though things may be rough now, you can learn how to have a successful and healthy marriage. The key to marriage is simple: Know, understand, and apply the meaning and purpose of marriage as it was intended to be by the Creator of marriage.

By learning and applying these truths, you will understand the way to have a healthy and love-filled marriage. This can only be done by learning how it was designed by the One who created it.

Once you know and implement God’s design, your marriage will become a blessing to you and your spouse.

The reason why marriage can be burdensome is because no one is perfect. We are all flawed human beings that tend be selfish and self-centered, rather than selfless and humble.

When two flawed human beings are brought together in marriage, they create a flawed marriage.

Try as we might, left to our own devices, our marriages can only be average at best. This is because we do not naturally live into the way God designed marriage to be. As flawed human beings, we have a tendency to only serve ourselves while being selfish and self-centered in our actions.


Your spouse is the way they are because they are not perfect.

You are the way you are because you are not perfect either.

This is an exciting time for you, your spouse! As you implement these principles into your marriage, you will begin to experience all the blessings God has in store for you.

Your relationship with your spouse is meant to be a marathon, not a sprint. At the end of it all though, you and your spouse will be blessed and have a healthy and successful marriage.

Begin today to pray for you, your spouse, and your marriage and God will start changing your marriage now to be a lasting one. Get ready for God to help you have a lasting marriage that is a blessing to everyone and glorifies God.


For your Husband and Bride covenant certificate, please click the images below.

husband-covenant Bride Covenant


Marriage Covenant

I, _________________________ choose you, fairest of all women, forsaking all others. You are a princess and a gem of great value. You are mine and I choose to love you as Christ loves His church and gave Himself up for her. I crown your head with loving kindness. I will protect you and defend you. I will be crucified to myself, that you may live. I will bless you. I will honor you and crown your head. I ask you to enter into a covenant relationship with me. With God as the foundation of our home crucified to ourselves, and in mutual love. I love you above all others. I give myself to you, and ask you to be my covenant partner in a lasting marriage.

________________________  His Signature


By God’s grace, I, _________________________ pledge myself anew, to encourage you, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I receive you as you are. I rejoice and submit to your leadership. I defer to your wisdom. I thank you for your provision. I am blessed by your caring love. It is my desire that our covenant be a blessing to you and fulfilling. I commit myself to honor, respect, and submit to you as unto the Lord. I give my whole heart, my mind, and my body to you. I choose you above all others. May you find the fullness of God’s will. May you grow in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

______________________ Her Signature

Strengthen Your Marriage With the Marriage Covenant
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