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  • intimate definitionHow to Grow Intimacy in Your Marriage – Intimate Definition
    Usually, the word intimacy leads people to think of physical intimacy through sex. While this is one type of intimacy, there are others that will build lasting love in your marriage. Intimacy brings a closeness that cultivates love and builds marriages up. Read More
  • Sexual IntimacySexual Intimacy and Pleasure – Sex in Marriage Series Part 1
    When the Lord created Adam and Eve He created the process of sexual intimacy between a man and woman in marriage. After he created the marriage and sexual intimacy, the Lord saw all He created was good. Genesis 2:31 “And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very Read More
  • Build Lasting LoveRelationship Problems – 5 Ground Rules for Marriage
    There must be some ground rules that each spouse follows as they learn how to build lasting love in their marriage. When everyone has the same ground rules to go by, we can focus on what truly matters. The success and health of your marriage. Read More
  • Who You Actually AreThe 6 People Who Enter Into Marriage Series: Part 3 – Who You Actually Are
    The third set people are who you actually are and who your spouse actually is. Of all the people in the 6 persons who marry, this is the most true reflection of reality. This last pair of people is to you and your spouse both actually are. This is who you are, free of preconceived ideas, hopeful Read More
  • who you want your spouse to beThe 6 People Who Enter Into Marriage Series: Part 2 – Who You Want Your Spouse To Be
    As we talked about in our last post, there are 6 people who enter into a marriage. The first set of two are who you believe your spouse is and who your spouse believes you are. The second set of people is who you want your spouse to be and who your spouse wants you to be. The little bits that you Read More
  • The 6 People Who Enter Into Marriage Series: Part 1 – Who You Believe Your Spouse Is
    About a month before I was to get married my beautiful wife Melissa, I was given some advice from a godly man in my church’s name is Marvin. At the time, I did not fully understand what he meant even though I understood the concept. Now after being married these many years, teaching on biblical Read More
  • companionship and friendshipMarriage is Companionship and Friendship
    Your spouse must be your best friend and companion for life. With the connection of friendship and companionship, marriage will get stronger and more loving between the two of you. As you grow in your marriage, so will your friendship and companionship with each other. Read More